About NorMUN

Norway Model United Nations Society is a student organization at the University of Oslo for people interested in international relations. Our purpose is to deepen student’s knowledge and understanding of international relations and the values and ideas of the United Nations. NorMUN is part of The United Nations Student Association Norway (FN-studentene), an organization with local chapters at all the major universities in Norway. FN-studentene is in close cooperation with FN-sambandet; The United Nations Associaton of Norway.

The Society was founded in June 2000, by the Members of the Norwegian Delegation to Harvard University World Model United Nations Conference (WorldMUN) in Athens, 2000. NorMUN draws students from many different faculties, including a large body of international students.

NorMUN organizes local simulations (usually of the General Assembly or the Security Council) every 2 weeks at the University of Oslo. The debates are held in English. Each person picks a country to represent and defend its interests. We always discuss subjects that are currently debated at the UN. We also have social events, and sometimes go for a beer after the simulations.

Each year, NorMUN participates at an international MUN conference. Last year (2010-11) NorMUN attended the National MUN Conference in New York City. During the 2011-2012 school year, we sent a delegation to University College London and represented Saudi Arabia and South Africa!

We have also held simulations at local high schools, such as Jessheim and Lillestrøm VGS. We think this is a nice way of teaching high school students about the UN.

NorMUN is open to anyone who wishes to participate. For more information, please contact us: normun@fn-studentene.no and join our facebook group: Norway MUN, and/or like our Facebook page.


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